The Netherlands - children's programs.

The Netherlands - children's programs.

The Netherlands - children's programs.

Like any country in Europe, Holland provides children with unique opportunities to relax, develop and improve their creative abilities. Here is a completely different mentality and the foundations of education: small citizens are treated as respectfully as adults.

Rest with children in Holland is not only an opportunity to enjoy magnificent landscapes and unusual architectural monuments. For small tourists, all conditions are created here, so that every day brings new knowledge and positive emotions. Original excursion programs, exciting trips, thoughtful leisure and a sea of ​​vivid impressions - that's what the Netherlands will give to children from the first day of their stay.


Acquaintance with Amsterdam through unique exhibits of the main art gallery of Holland. Rembrandt, Vermeer ... Little travelers will be in the Golden Age of the country, in its heroic past. And these are famous personalities, sea battles and spectacular landscapes, models of legendary ships and real cannons. We invite you to the main picture gallery of Holland, which is included in the 20 most visited museums in the world. Dutch painting gave the world many popular genres, realism and naturalism. Magnificent still life and portraits, genre scenes and group portraits, landscapes with a gray sky, battle scenes from the sea will not leave young spectators indifferent. Models of ships and a doll's house, real guns and a library, an abundance of paintings and sculptures will visually show the pride of the Dutch people with their heroic past. A fascinating acquaintance with the main masterpieces of the museum: Rembrandt van Rijn's “Night Watch”, J. Vermeer's “Milk seller”, works by Frans Hals, Jan Stein, H. Averkamp, ​​V. Head and P. Class will leave a great impression among the young visitors of the museum.







The Van Gogh Museum

The most popular museum in Amsterdam, where you can learn everything about the life and work of the famous and mysterious artist - Van Gogh. Children, having got into a mysterious atmosphere, will not only examine the exhibits, listen to amazing stories, but also perform interesting tasks during the whole excursion. The exposition of the museum allows you to see how Vincent's creativity developed, how he perfected his painting and drawing skills, how he searched and found his signature.

 Rembrandt House Museum

Little travelers will be interested in visiting Rembrandt Harmens van Rijn, who was born more than 400 years ago! In the house museum of the Dutch painter, the unreal becomes real and tangible. Children will learn how the artist lived and worked and how they did the paint in those days, what is painting and why the name of the legend is shrouded in secrets and scandals. Rembrandt House is the home of a prosperous and successful burgher (citizen), who, as in a time machine, transfers to another era.

History of Dutch Sea navigation

In the historical building of the Admiralty, built 350 years ago, there is a museum of the history of Dutch navigation. Navigational instruments, old maps and models of ships, for real adventurers! Pictures with battle scenes and arctic landscapes of wintering Barents Sea will tell children about the most incredible pages of the history of the country and the great sea discoveries.

Medieval Meyersloth Castle and military base-Pampus Island

A real medieval castle, standing on the shore of the bay, from where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the surrounding area and the city of Mauden. In the eyes of adventurers, a real fairy-tale world will open, filled with kind knights and princesses, evil pirates and bandits, lift bridges and turrets. Children will experience exciting assignments, duels and puzzles, an interesting story of the guide about the history of the castle and its inhabitants and a real sea voyage!