Travelling in Europe with kids!

Travelling in Europe with kids!

Travelling in Europe with kids!

Europe is a great idea to relax for the weekend and for a change of scenery! But what to do in Europe with children? Where to go? And what you need to see? Consultants of the travel agency AFY Travel made a selection of interesting cities in Europe!

1) Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is known as the city of Hans Christian Andersen, therefore the main symbol of the Denmark capital is the monument to the Little Mermaid. Copenhagen is a very compact and cozy city, where there are many old houses, parks and embankments. In the center of the city is one of the longest pedestrian streets in Europe - Stroget. In Copenhagen it will be comfortable for both hikers and cyclists.
What to see:
● Guinness World Records Museum
● Tivoli Park
● Ripley Museum
● Circus Museum


2) Madrid, Spain

Madrid is one of the most beautiful cities in the world with a colossal cultural and artistic heritage. In Madrid, it will be interesting for adults and children alike. Entertainment can be found for every taste: from attractions to cozy corners of the city.
  Where you need to begin? Of course, with the chic Madrid parks and museums:
● Casa de Campo
● Parque Warner Madrid
● Park Faunya
● Maritime Museum


3) Paris, France

Paris is the capital of France, the most important economic and cultural center of the country, located in the northern part of central France. Speaking of Paris on a large account is meaningless. Everyone must visit this marvelous city and taste the morning coffee with croissants, roasted chestnuts on the Paris boulevards ... and of course you need to visit:
● Disneyland
● Asterix Park
● Wax Museum Greven
● Aquabulvar




4) Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Amsterdam - a small Dutch, Van Gogh's palette, a field of tulips, canals and idyllic local biking. Young travelers will not be bored in this fantastic city, since only one type of ladder, bell or elongated facades have the feeling that you were in a time machine to the 18th century!
Where you need to go:
● Zoo
● Museum of germs, viruses and bacteria
● Museum of Navigation
● Interactive museum NEMO
● Van Gogh Museum


5)Rome, Italy

All roads lead to Rome! Rome is old and young at the same time, he has seen the rise and fall of one of the greatest civilizations of the world. All of Rome's historic center declared a World Heritage of Humanity.
Where should you go?
● Time Elevator
● Children's Museum Explora
● Villa Borghese
● Zoo
● The bench of "Pope Carlo"


6) London, United Kingdom


London has many amazing and fascinating places that you can visit with your child - a visit to Sherlock Holmes or a change of guard at Buckingham Palace will surely remain in your memory for many years!

● Sherlock Holmes Museum

● Madame Tussauds Museum

● Museum of Science

● Hamleys toy store

● Harry Potter Museum


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