Ayurveda in Slovenia: Thermana Park Laško

The energy of Laško thermal water invigorates your body and soul! Enjoy moments of absolute indulgence and relaxation!

The Hotel Thermana Park Laško 4*Superior is an oasis of endless pleasure and relaxation, you will be uplifted by magnificent nature with its lush green forests, you will feel the embrace of the warm sunrays reflected on the River Savinja, and be surrounded by state-of-theart architecture.

The mysterious healing power of Laško springs was well-known already in the Roman times. In the Middle Ages, the springs were used by locals as well as missionaries. In 1854, a luxurious health resort, named after the Hapsburg Emperor Francis Joseph I, was built next to the healing springs in Laško. Since those days, Thermana Laško has developed into one of the most advanced holiday resorts and has become an important maker of well-being with services based on top-class knowledge and a wealth of experience of our established medical professionals as well as our thermal water, which helped a large number of people regain their health and maintain their well-being.

All treatments at the Thermana & Veda Ayurveda Centre Laško are based on traditional methods of Ayurveda. Individual treatments are determined by an Ayurvedic doctor at the initial consultation according to your type of dosha.

Ayurveda is a system of traditional medicine that originates from India. The word Ayurveda is composed of the words “āyu” which means “life” and “veda” that means “knowledge”, “science”. Ayurveda or the “science of life” treats people in a holistic way and teaches them to live healthily and in harmony with nature. It covers four aspects of a human being: the soul, mind, senses and body.

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