Canary Islands in winter cruise from London

LONDON, England (p. Southampton) - MADEIRA, Portugal (Funchal) - LAS PALMAS, Spain (Canary Islands) - TENERIFE, Spain (Canary Islands) – GRAN CANARIAS, Spain (Canary Islands) - LISBON, Portugal-LONDON, England (Southampton)

From 11 to 23 December 2017
Departure from: London, (Southampton), England
Arriving to: London, (Southampton), England
Company: Cunard Line
Ship: Queen Elizabeth 5 * LUX

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Day 1

London, departure at 13:00

Day 2-4

Enjoy cruise at Sea

Day 5

Portugal is a country with a rich history, beautiful resorts, many medieval cities and magnificent landscapes of olive groves, vineyards and wheat fields. Portugal is original and unusual, it does not resemble any other European country. One of the most striking attractions is the Funchal Cathedral, located in the frieze of Se - the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin.
 Pico-Ruivo is the dizzy landmark of Madeira. It is the highest mountain on the island, trampling with its sharp rocky summit the bottomless sky above the Atlantic Ocean. The height of Pico-Ruivo (in translation from the Portuguese "peak of red color") reaches 1,862 m, no wonder that perhaps the best views of the island and the ocean open here. The only nuance that should be considered when climbing - the weather. On Madeira, clouds or fog can quickly come running, when all the beauties are drowned in the milk haze. Cape Giraud is higher than all the sea cliffs of Europe (590 meters high) and is the second largest cliff in the world, it is submerged several hundred meters into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, and, reaching the bottom, rushes deep into the earth. The steep slopes of Cabo Giraud, which are the exposed summit of a huge underwater volcano are surrounded by such deep waters that whales are seen near the shore.

Day 6

Las Palmas
Las Palmas de Gran Canarias is the largest city in the island of Gran Canarias and the entire Canary archipelago. It is in the eastern part of the northern coast. The city was founded by the Spaniards in 1478, and 15 years later Christopher Columbus stopped on the way to his first voyage. Now Las Palmas is a noisy multi-national city, since ancient times sailors from all over the world came to its port. The city is full of hotels, shops and restaurants, in addition, it is considered the center of the island's nightlife.

The main attractions of Las Palmas are concentrated in the historic square of Vegeta, which for the abundance of colonial buildings in 1990 was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In addition to historical attractions, the best restaurants and bars of the capital are in the Vegeta square. On St. Anna Square stands the 16th-century Cathedral, which was built to commemorate the victory of the Spaniards over the Dutch who tried to capture the islands. The cathedral is visible from almost every corner of the city. Las Palmas has several interesting places for diving. This is an underwater cave La Catedral, length of 45 m, a reef protecting the beach of Las Canteras (located at a depth of 8 m) and wrecks patrolled by flocks of barracuda: Calais, Frigorica, Arona and Tres Barkos, which can be studied from the inside. 

Day 7

Tenerife - the largest, most famous and most visible island of the Canary archipelago. It is the summit of the Teide volcano on it that is seen from the ships that approach the Canary Islands. Mount Teide does not allow come cold winds that carry clouds to the southern half of the island. Therefore, the climate of the southern part of the island is drier and hotter, and in the northern part it is softer and cooler. But at any point of the island it is magnificent and allows you to enjoy and relax on the beaches and excursions to nature.
The capital of the island is the city Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Santa Cruz de Tenerife). Every four years it also becomes the capital of all Canary Islands - the provincial government alternately sits in it, then in Las Palmas in Gran Canarias. The city has about 220 thousand inhabitants.    

Day 8

Gran Canarias
Canaries say that in their native islands the spring reigns all year round. Due to favorable weather conditions throughout the year - the air temperature fluctuates at a mark of +25 degrees, and the water temperature is 22-24 degrees, the Canary Islands are attractive for tourism all year round. Tourists are attracted to the islands by a quiet beach holiday and beautiful scenery. For lovers of outdoor activities, the Canaries are an ideal place. You can dive into the depths of the sea with an aqualung, walk on the board under a sail or survey the islands of the archipelago on a yacht. On the islands are well-developed tourist infrastructure. Resorts are diverse: from expensive to fashionable. The local population is benevolent, the level of service is quite high.

Day 9

Enjoy cruise at Sea

Day 10

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal, which is also the main port of the country. The city occupies an advantageous position on the southwest coast of the Iberian Peninsula, in the broad mouth of the Tagus River, 15 km from the Atlantic Ocean. The historic center of Lisbon is located on seven hills. This picturesque hilly terrain near the river once attracted the first settlers and merchants. Since then, much has changed, but the view of the city remains as attractive and magnificent as it was a century ago. Add to the amazing nature the diversity of cultures, the relaxed atmosphere of the city, the combination of architectural styles of different eras, and you will get one of the most enjoyable cities in Europe, and, importantly, one of the most economical cities. In the heart of Lisbon, wide avenues are laid, trees planted along the edges - the streets are decorated with modernist buildings, mosaic bridges and numerous cafes. If you look at the city from the river - one of its main sights, then Lisbon appears as an Impressionist painting, where low houses in pastels and ochre colors intermingle with towers and domes of churches. Monsanto Park is one of the largest urban European parks in the west, with an area of ​​10 square kilometers. Near the city there are resorts with sandy beaches: Costa da Caparica, Estoril and Cascais; The Shintra forest areas and the amazing Mafra Monastery. Lisbon is characterized by light, bright, confident, fresh and modern spirit. Being one of the greatest capitals in Europe, city is always ready to welcome the entire world.

Day 11-12

Enjoy cruise at Sea

Day 13

Arriving to London

The price include:
• 1 place in the chosen cabin category (all cabins have a restroom, air conditioning, TV,   telephone, mini bar, safe, hairdryer)
• Round-the-clock meals on board
• Entertainment programs on board
• Programs for children and children's club
• Musical performances - shows, live music, discos, theater
• Use of swimming pools, gym, sauna, Jacuzzi
• Port Fees

At extra charge:
• Travel expenses to / from the port
• Taxes
• Tipping
• Excursions by the shore
• Personal expenses in the SPA center, shopping in the center and so on.

Essential information
Cunard Line - the only cruise company in the world, which has retained the division of passengers into classes. Cunard Line liners have 3 classes of service: Britannia (corresponds to 5 * service level), Princess Grill (corresponds to 5 * lux service level) and Queens Grill class (corresponds to 6 * service level). For the Princess and Queens Grill classes there are dedicated areas and a restaurant to which Britannia passengers are not allowed.
On liners of the Cunard Line company, strict dress codes:

Evening dress code (after 18:00):
1 Official style - a tuxedo or a dark suit with a tie for men, evening or cocktail dresses for ladies.
2 Unofficial style - jacket, tie (optional) for men, cocktail dresses, suits for ladies.
Day Dress Code:
Elegant, comfortable clothing, including shorts and jeans suitable for daytime clothing.

Bathing suits, short shorts and sportswear should be worn on open decks with a swimming pool, in the spa and fitness centers. (Bathing suits are unacceptable in closed public places throughout the day).

Please note that after 18:00, shorts and jeans (for men and women), open beach shoes and an open top (for men) are not allowed on the lower decks in enclosed spaces.

During official evenings, guests who prefer to dress in a less formal style can dine in alternative restaurants (Kings Court and Lido) and relax in the Winter Garden and the Garden Lounge and Bars. In all other public places on the liner after 18:00 an evening dress code operates.
Please note that from 18:00 to 23:00 the buffet restaurant on board the Cunard Line does not work. You can dine in the main restaurant or 6 thematic (with the observance of the dress code). For those who want to relax in the evening there is an extensive menu of room service. 

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