Group tour "Golden Ring of Japan"

Loving the seasons and the ability to find their own charm in every season is an integral part of the culture and national character of the Japanese. One of the most favorite seasons of residents, recently become widely known and abroad, is the season of scarlet maple leaves. By the beauty of nature and the place occupied in the national culture, it is not inferior to the famous season of cherry blossom. As in the season of sakura, on the national sites there are maps showing details of the degree of readiness of maples in all regions of the country. Residents and tourists, armed with cameras, rush into gardens, parks, mountains and temples to capture the autumn landscapes in which the main character is scarlet maples. Their delicate crowns, woven from elegantly miniature leaves, seem to glow, permeated with sunlight, and it becomes clear why this season has taken such a solid place in the hearts of residents and guests of Japan. In different regions and at different altitudes, the peak occurs at various times. In Nikko (an area to the north of Tokyo, which is famous for its autumn mountain landscapes) is the period from mid-October to mid-November, and in Tokyo and Kyoto - from mid-November to the first third of December.

Advantages of our group tours:

  Regular check-in

  All declared races are guaranteed and will take place without additional payments, regardless of the number of tourists hiked, with full program execution

 Flexibility of programs: the ability to extend / shorten the stay for the requests of your customers

  A wide variety of tours with different geography, duration and on different budgets

  We offer tours in one region (Tokyo and its environs / Osaka-Kyoto and their surroundings) - cheaper than combined tours

  Ability to choose a hotel category (2 *, 3 *, 4 *)

 Careful organization of tours for the peace of your customers: the coordinators are escorted to the train and met at the car (for long journeys)

  For free days, we offer additional excursions, agreed with the main tour program, according to group cost

  Looking for couples to populate


Dates of arrivals for the period of scarlet maples in 2017


Tour dates

Attention! Dates of group excursions are fixed. The dates and duration of the races can be adjusted upon request.


18-25.11, 25.11-02.12



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Day 1

Arrival in Tokyo (Narita / Haneda Airport). Meeting with a Japanese driver at the airport. Transfer to the hotel on a shuttle bus with other tourists without a guide (includes a meeting at the airport and escort to the hotel doors). Self-check in at the hotel (after 15: 00 / 16:00).
For an additional fee, you can order a coordinator to the hotel: the coordinator will meet, help you find your way around the city, help you to understand how to use public transport, and so on.

Day 2

Excursion to Kamakura with Russian speaking guide.

The ancient city of Kamakura, located on the shores of the ocean, is the first capital of the military rulers of Japan, the shoguns, the city of ancient temples, sanctuaries, magnificent gardens, picturesque hills and coasts. Visiting the Shinto shrine of Hatimangu, built in 1063 and dedicated to the emperor Odzin, whom the people consider to be the patron deity of the samurai estate. Lunch. Visiting the Hassedar temple dedicated to the Goddess of Mercy Kannon, which offers a wonderful panorama of the city and the coast, and the Kotokuin temple, where the symbol of Kamakura is located - the 11-meter bronze statue of the Great Buddha (Daibutsu), the second largest in Japan. Return to the hotel.

Day 3

Sightseeing tour of Tokyo with Russian speaking guide.

Visiting the area of the skyscrapers of Shinjuku - the business center of Tokyo, where the City Hall of Tokyo is located. Then drive and walk along one of the most beautiful traditional gardens in Tokyo, Hamarikyu, which once belonged to the military rulers of Japan, the shoguns, and then the imperial family. Stop at the square of the Imperial Palace. Moving to Asakusa is one of the few places where the spirit of the old Tokyo has been preserved. Visit the Sansoji temple, the oldest Buddhist temple in Tokyo, walk along the Nakamise shopping street, where the largest number of souvenir shops is in Tokyo. Lunch. Visit the world's tallest television tower - SkyTree (634 meters), climbing the observation deck.

Transfer to Tokyo Railway Station. Transfer to Osaka by express train shinkansen. Meeting with the coordinator at the Shin-Osaka station near the car. Hotel accommodation.

Day 4

Excursion around Kyoto with Russian speaking guide.

Kyoto, which for more than a thousand years was the imperial capital of Japan, is still considered the main center of the country's traditional culture. The bombing of the Second World War did not affect Kyoto, so it was here that the richest cultural and historical heritage, many objects of which are listed in the UNESCO List, was preserved. Visit one of the main attractions of Kyoto - the world-famous Golden Pavilion (Kinkakuji). Visiting the famous philosophical garden of 15 stones at the Zen Buddhist temple of Ryongji. Lunch. Visiting the Temple of Pure Water (Kiyomizu). The temple is located on a hill, and from its observation platform a wonderful panorama of Kyoto opens. Walk along the Geisha Gion district. Return to the hotel.

Day 5

Free time in Osaka. We recommend booking excursions for an additional fee.
* Optionally, you can go to Tokyo earlier: either immediately after the tour of Kyoto, or on the fifth day.
The date of return to Tokyo must be determined when ordering the tour.

Day 6

Free time in Osaka. We recommend booking excursions for an additional fee.
Independent transfer to the railway station.
19: 00-21: 30 Transfer to Tokyo by high-speed train shinkansen. Hotel accommodation. Recreation.

* The time is approximate. Tourists will be given out in advance tickets for the train to Tokyo.
If desired, tourists can leave at other times, but an organized transfer with a guide on arrival in Tokyo to the hotel will be only for the time taken for tickets.

Day 7

Free time in Tokyo. We recommend booking excursions for an additional fee.

Day 8

Self-checkout from the hotel. Meeting with a Japanese driver in the hotel lobby. Transfer to Narita / Haneda Airport on the shuttle-bus with other tourists (without a guide). Departure.

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