Mediterranean Sea Luxury Cruise in winter

Western Europe in November on luxury cruise

ROME, Italy (Civitavecchia) -PIZA / FLORENCE, Italy (Livorno) -PORTOFINO, Italy-MONTE CARLO, Monaco-MARSEILLES, France-BARCELONA, Spain-MAYORKA, Spain (Balearic Islands ) -KARTAGENA, Spain-MALAGA, Spain-SEVILLE, Spain (overnight on board)-LISBON, Portugal (2 days, overnight on board).

From November 12 to November 25, 2017
Departure from: Rome, (Civitavecchia), Italy
Arriving in: Lisbon, Portugal
Company: Regent Seven Seas Cruises
Ship: Seven Seas Explorer 6 * - new luxury liner

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Day 1

Rome, departure at 6:00PM

Day 2

Pisa and Florence

On the banks of the Arno River to the west of Florence is Pisa - a city of culture, of amazing artistic and architectural beauty. Pisa is a witness of bright historical events, that is why mysterious ancient ruins and modern developed infrastructure are harmoniously interwoven in this city. The main attraction of Pisa is the architectural ensemble on the Piazza dei Miracoli Square. In the world, it has no equal! The three buildings of the complex - the Cathedral, the Baptistery and the Falling (Pisa) Tower are made of sparkling white marble. In the center of the ensemble stands the large cathedral of Santa Maria Maggiore. West of it is a beautiful Baptistery, and to the left rises a famous bell tower, which entered the history of art called "The Falling Tower". This spectacle is breathtaking! If you visited Rome, but did not see Florence, then you have not discovered real Italy! Florence shakes its beauty, because it's not for nothing that the name of this city means "blooming." Florence is the world center of art, in which the bulk of the heritage of Italian culture is concentrated. The squares, streets, temples and palaces of Italy are decorated with the creations of Italian masters. In the museums of Florence, you can find the works of Dante, Leonardo da Vinci, Boccaccio ... Florence - the oldest center of Europe and the founder of the Renaissance!

Day 3

Portofino - one of the most fashionable and popular resorts of the Ligurian Riviera, excellent service, absolute silence of the mountains and the unique beauty of the bay - the best natural harbor in Liguria. There are no noisy entertainment centers, no nightlife. The charm of this place is for connoisseurs of a quiet rest in the romantic surroundings of fabulous colorful houses and boats. In Portofino, any construction is prohibited, and it looks about the same as it looked at the end of the 19th century, when writers and artists were resting here. This picturesque bay 20 km from Genoa is rightfully considered one of the most beautiful places in the world.
Cape Portofino - one of the most famous national parks in Italy. The ancient Romans valued the beauty of the lagoon, calling Portofino a bay of dolphins. Portofino was one of the favorite resorts of Maria Medici and Maupassant, who noted the striking contrast of the harmony of the green bay with the bustling troubles of life. Here is the international fashion center, where every summer the cream of society gathers and cultural events have been held for several years - Protofino Port of Art, Portofino - the harbor of art. Portofino is famous for its restaurants, where all the famous dishes of rich national cuisine are served. The lovely fishing village of Portofino even inspired perfumers to create a new series of summer fragrances Escale a Portofino, one who has been to this wonderful resort will surely appreciate the fragrance and catch the familiar smells...

Day 4

Monte Carlo

In Monte Carlo come to play in the casino and see the world-famous Formula 1 racing, to "show themselves." Monte Carlo adjoins the cozy resort towns: Nice, Villefranche, Cannes, each of which is worthy A separate acquaintance, as a charming and hospitable representative of this Cote d'Azur.

Day 5

Marseille is the gateway to the beautiful and hospitable French Provence, the birthplace of the Marseillaise and the formidable castle of If.
Provence - a hills, drowning in vineyards and olive groves, framed by mountain peaks, on which there are ruined castles of ancient feudal lords. This landscape inspired Cézanne, van Gogh and Chagall. Marseilles, a representative of the maritime Provence, was founded by the Greeks in 600 BC, suffered not only the invasion of the Romans, the Barbarians and the Moors, and actively participated in all the Crusades.

Day 6

Barcelona is a city with its own independent history, which stands apart from the history of Spain. In the capital of Catalonia, even the Spanish language sounds different: with a French accent. The tourist, unfamiliar with its history, will be surprised that this modern city has kept its historic Gothic square almost untouched. Here on the top of the mountain Tabor (Tambourine) - the highest place of the square, the famous cathedral (Santa Creu or Santa Eulàlia) is located. Also in the Gothic square are some of the buildings of the architect Gaudi, Royal Plaza, City Hall, Shoe Museum, Picasso Gallery. An interesting museum of holography. At the entrance of the visitors there is a stunning canvas, featuring either steel spirals and wooden shavings flowing out of the frame, or a large flower jumping towards the visitor, or a portrait of Rocker who unexpectedly spills on guests’ glass fragments.
Visiting any Spanish city will not be completed without a visit to the Plaza de Toros, where the corrida is located, as well as a museum. In the port, too, you will find what to see: The Maritime Museum, a large shopping and entertainment center with an aquarium and a museum of oceanography, old military barracks with a courtyard of the XVII century.
Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city, a place of experimentation in politics and art. The interweaving of styles, epochs and unexpected architectural forms leaves an indelible impression. The city itself is its biggest attraction.


Day 7

Mallorca is in the archipelago of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea. To Barcelona (the closest major city to the mainland) - 200 kilometers.
Mallorca is the largest of the islands of the Balearic archipelago, located in the Mediterranean Sea. The mild and warm climate allows you to relax in Mallorca all year round. This island, the number of protected areas of which exceeds 40, is protected by the state as one of the most environmentally friendly resorts in the Mediterranean.
 This attention from the government is due to its natural environment, due to which the inhabitants of the island can boast of the highest life expectancy throughout Spain. Some of Mallorca's main tourist centers: 
Cala D'Or the resort on the south-east coast of the island, featuring amazingly beautiful landscapes: small peaceful bays with sandy beaches are enclosed by coastal cliffs covered with scattered Mediterranean pine trees. 
Cala Blava. A picturesque town in the southwest of the island, on the east coast of the Bay of Palma. The coastline, formed by low cliffs, bordered by tiny bays, is characterized by exceptional beauty, and the sea waters here are particularly clear and clear. Cala Mayor. A scenic corner of the coast with a cozy beach in the southwest of the island, on the western shore of the Bay of Palma. The resort is located closest to the capital of the island - Palma de Mallorca. Mallorca is the Mediterranean, open to all.

Day 8


Cartagena is a port of the Mediterranean, located in the southeast of Spain in Murcia on the Costa Carida. It was founded by the Carthaginians in 221 BC. The old town, with its main historical sights, is separated by a tall wall that was built for defense in the 18th century. At the entrance to the central part of the city raises the Town Hall. This building was built in the Art Nouveau style at the beginning of the 20th century. Opposite to it is the Torres Park. In the park on a small hill is the castle La Concepciyn. Not far away is the old Cathedral. This oldest church in Cartagena was erected in the 13th century. In 1987, the ruins of the Roman theater dating back to the 1st century BC were discovered in the city. You can also find an interesting collection of historical finds at the Archaeological Museum. Most of the city is occupied by naval base. Worth to visit the Base Staff, the Shipyard and the Mitchmen School. The city has the National Museum of Marine Archeology and the Maritime Museum, which will tell about the history of navigation in the area.

Day 9

The city is in the south of Spain, in Andalusia. The capital of the province of the same name and the largest city on the Costa del Sol. Since the time of the Romans, the ruins of the theater were preserved in the center, the construction of which dates to the end of the first - the beginning of the second century AD. The theater is located next to the entrance to the Alcazaba Palace, built by the Arabs in the XI century on the ruins of the Roman bastion. The palace is a sample of purely Arabic architecture - a maze of courtyards decorated with flowers and palm trees, fountains, and tall stone walls. Now here is an archaeological museum.
One of the most memorable and revered places in Málaga is Plaza de la Merced. Here is the house where one of the outstanding masters of our century - great painter Pablo Picasso - was born and spent his childhood.

Day 10-11

Seville (night aboard)
Seville is a multicolored and elegant city, the capital of Andalusia. It was from here that the first Columbus expedition traveled. No one, even the Spanish people themselves, can restrain the sincere admiration of the charm of this city, which is spreading along the banks of the Guadalquivir River, especially during the flowering of orange trees. The symbol of Seville, the famous Giralda, the bell tower of the main city cathedral, was originally a minaret of a grand mosque built in the 12th century. The mosque itself disappeared without a trace, the minaret remained superb, eventually transformed into a bell tower, and now at the same time serves as a viewing platform for those who are not too lazy to climb a height of 98 meters. Seville, which is the birthplace of Carmen, Don Juan, bullfighting and flamenco, as no other city reflects the peculiarities of a national Spanish character. The main entertainment of the year of Seville is the bullfight. Apart from Madrid, nowhere in Spain there are so many fighting with the bulls, as in Seville. The largest and most famous arena rises above the Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza.

Day 12-13

Lisbon (2 days, night aboard)
Lisbon is the capital of Portugal, which is also the main port of the country. The city occupies an advantageous position on the southwest coast of the Iberian Peninsula, in the broad mouth of the Tagus River, 15 km from the Atlantic Ocean. The historic center of Lisbon is located on seven hills. This picturesque hilly terrain near the river once attracted the first settlers and merchants.
Since then, much has changed, but the view of the city remains as attractive and magnificent as it was a century ago. Add to the amazing nature the diversity of cultures, the relaxed atmosphere of the city, the combination of architectural styles of different eras, and you will get one of the most enjoyable cities in Europe, and, importantly, one of the most economical cities. In the heart of Lisbon, wide avenues are laid, trees planted along the edges; The streets are decorated with modernist buildings, mosaic bridges and numerous cafes. If you look at the city from the river - one of its main sights, then Lisbon appears as an Impressionist painting, where low houses in pastels and ochre colors intermingle with towers and domes of churches. Monsanto Park is one of the largest urban European parks in the west, with an area of ​​10 square kilometers. Near the city there are resorts with sandy beaches: Costa da Caparica, Estoril and Cascais; The Shintra forest areas and the amazing Mafra Monastery. Lisbon is characterized by light, bright, confident, fresh and modern spirit. Being one of the greatest capitals in Europe, he is always ready to welcome the entire world.

The price include:
• 1 place in the chosen cabin category 
• Round-the-clock meals and drinks on board
• 24h service in cabin
• Entertainment programs on board
• Musical performances - shows, live music, discos, theater
• Use of swimming pools, gym, sauna, Jacuzzi
• Port Fees, taxes, tips

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