French Alps

Interesting fact - the first ever winter Olympic Games took place in 1924 in the French Alps, in Chamonix, then another one was held in 1968 in Grenoble and the last one was in 1992, in Oberwyl. Unique alpine landscapes, mountain serpentines of well-equipped tracks and large-scale skiing areas - all this and even more awaits you in France! More than 200 ski resorts have been created in the French Alps, many of them are interconnected. These resorts even have professional ski schools, where you can hone your skills or learn and experience new types of winter sports. Here come those people for whom skiing and snowboarding is not just an extreme holiday or a short rest, but it is their way of life.


Chamonix is one of the oldest ski resorts in Europe, it is the heart of the largest ski area of the French Alps that is located at the top of the famous Mont Blanc, in eastern France.

Back in 1924, the first Winter Olympic Games took place here, in Chamonix. This place can be called as the pioneer of winter games.

The valley of Chamonix is a unique natural area near the borders of Italy and Switzerland. It is included in the list of landscapes that make up the world heritage. Every year, the resort welcomes all lovers of winter recreation and alpine sports.

The length of the well-equipped tracks is 150 km.

Moreover, the highest point of the resort is the legendary "White Valley" that is 20 km outside of track skiing at an altitude of 3842 m. It is not only developed a ski resort, but it is a favorite place for alpinists, mountaineers, and also those who are crazy about winter rafting and paragliding.

Chamonix has a developed tourist infrastructure - hotels, restaurants, shops, bars, and nightclubs.

Allow yourself to plunge into one of the incredible ski resorts in the world.

Three Valleys (Les Trois Vallees)

Three Valleys in France are the largest region of skiing in the world. The region allocated to its territory so contrast types of resorts such as relaxed Brides-les-Bains, fashionable Courchevel, sported Val Thorens, sunny Meribel, quiet Les Menuires and modest La Tania.


However, they are all united by a location, at an altitude of 1300-3230 m these three valleys were located 600 km of first-class tracks and a common system of lifts connecting each of these resorts. This is a paradise for skiers.


The history of the resort counts semicentenary. The main part of the Three Valleys includes the highland Val Thorens - "The Roof of Three Valleys" at an altitude of 2300 m, Meribel - "The Heart of Three Valleys", is at an altitude of 1400 m and the chic Courchevel - one of the the most prestigious resorts of the French Alps.


The ski resort of Courchevel provides visitors the largest ski area in the world with a system of ultramodern lifts and groomed tracks, furthermore, the circus structure of the resort allows you to descend infinitely every time on new slopes.

Here, driving on the ski tracks, you pass through the picturesque woodlands that certainly leaves a lot of unforgettable emotions and pleasant impressions.

The resort has the main 4 territories: Courchevel 1550, Courchevel 1650, village traditional La Praz / La Praz (1300 m) and Courchevel 1850.

Each of them provides tracks for people with different levels of training.

In Courchevel, there are a lot of different restaurants, bars, concert halls, cinemas, art galleries and exhibitions, libraries and so on. The resort is truly considered as one of the chicest in the world.

Justly that this is a favorite place for millionaires and billionaires, who gladly come here year after year to rest and gain strength.

A distinctive feature of the valley Courchevel is smooth and wide, like a billiard table, green and blue tracks.

The season lasts from mid-December to the end of April.

During the rest in Courchevel, you can visit various concerts and festivals.


Recreation here is like a wine with a bottle age, which over the years becomes only tastier.

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