Ayurveda in Latvia: Jaunkemeri Health Resort

Ayurveda in Latvia: Jaunkemeri Health Resort

Health is not just the absence of disease, but life in balance, life in wholeness – life in complete happiness, success, and fulfilment. Everyone should live this state of health all the time.

Resort and Rehabilitation Center "Jaunkemeri" is located in the national park on the beach in Jurmala. The mild climate, clean air, therapeutic mud and mineral waters have glorified the resort as an ideal and unique place for rehabilitation and treatment. And the opening of a specialized center for Ayurveda is another successful step in development.

Ayurveda is a knowledge of the health and longevity of a person`s life, which goes back for centuries.

For almost five thousand years, people in India have used Ayurveda and various herbs to treat all known diseases. There is a question, why this method of treatment has got accustomed and remained popular so for a long time? The answer is simple - because it really works.

Ayurvedic complex Panchakarma is a unique complex of purification procedures on which all Ayurvedic science is based. It is unique in its therapeutic and preventive value and has no analogues in either Western or Eastern medicine. It is a technique of physiological detoxification, deep purification and rejuvenation of the body and mind.

All programs of ayurvedic treatment and recovery in "Jaunkemeri" are carefully designed in full accordance with classical Ayurveda!

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