Italy: Puglia – three legacies of UNESCO!

Italy: Puglia – three legacies of UNESCO!


Author’s program for small groups of 4 people.

Puglia is a “heel” of Italian “boot” – a region, that charms with its beauty and wealth: its nature, history, traditions, delicious cuisine and high spirituality. Puglia is a city on the hillsides with white houses, ancient farms, endless vineyards and olives, hundreds of kilometers of the Mediterranean coast… You can come here all 12 months of the year!

This author's tour first of all is addressed to those, who have already visited Italy –  Rome, or Milan, or Florence, and who want to get acquainted with other regions of this wonderful country. Puglia is a land of bright colors, clean sea, ancient olive trees and the trulli. During this short trip you will see the three main UNESCO heritage legacies of the region, you will taste the local wine and you will visit one of the most unusual places in Italy – Alberobello the city of trulli.

Dates of travel: all the time

Duration: 5 days / 4 nights

Route: Puglia – Bari – Matera – Polvanera winery – Alberobello – Castel del Monte (Puglia’s crown)

Included in total price: 
*4 nights at hotel, breakfast included;
* excursion program in Russian;
* lunches;
* transportation during the whole excursion program;
* wine degustation at “Polvanera” farm

In total price are NOT included:
* flight
* health insurance
* additional personal expenses

We truly hope that the memories of this hospitable region of Italy will warm your hearts for a long time and you will want to come back here again. 

With love – yours AFY TRAVEL

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Day 1:
Arrival at Bari airport, transfer to hotel. Check-In.
If interested, you can request for the excursion to Bari with a visit to the Church of St. Nicholas – EUR 150.00 (per group).
Bari (the capital of the Puglia region) is located at the very base of the “heel” of the “Italian boot”. “If there was a sea in Paris, it would be a little Bari” – says locals with arrogance of true Southerners. And this opinion looks so true because of atmosphere of European cities with Medieval charm and numerous attractions that can easily compete with the historical center of the capital of France. Bari is a kind of miniature cultural capital of the southern Italy, where a significant role in the tourist market plays the presence of the relics of St. Nicholas providing a steady influx of pilgrims all year round. The city is very rich in sights! During an exciting excursion you will see and learn everything of the most interesting in here.

Day 2:
Breakfast at the hotel.
Today on the program: degustation and guided tour to the “Polvanera” winery. The name “Polvere near” (which means black dust) itself has an interesting history. In the old days the family, that owned the masserie, was produced some coal, and the locals called them “smoked” behind their backs because of their faces that were soiled with coal. The current owner Filippo Cassano changed this name a little and made it like the brand of his winery. The black color resembles the saturated ruby of Primitivo wine – the most famous Puglian vine and fertile soil consisting of red earth and karst rocks. The farm is surrounded by traditional southern Italian landscape – vineyards, stone fences and olive groves. The winery itself was hollowed out in a rock and located at a depth of 8 meters from sea level, which allows the wines to ripen at a constant temperature and gives some originality to this place. Nearby is located a family farm – masserie of the early 19th century turned into a guest house. Lunch in a restaurant with local cuisine.
Next, we will have an excursion to Matera – an ancient rocks city, which is the heritage of UNESCO and the cultural capital of Europe 2019. Elegant and diverse grottoes carved out in limestone alternate with underground caves and labyrinths forming one stunning landscape. You will see the ancient cave quarters, look into a typical house –  the grotto, admire the unique churches and monasteries.
After the tour, visitors can visit the unique exhibition of Salvador Dali in the cave temples.

Day 3:
Breakfast at the hotel.
Today you will have an excursion to the fabulous city of trulli – Alberobello. There are plenty of cities in Italy that can boast of unique monuments and ancient architecture –  which is a world heritage. But in all this variety there is an amazing town Alberobello. This small town was become famous by its unusual trulli houses. They are like mushrooms scattered across the hills of Alberobello turning it into a fabulous city of gnomes. In 1996, Alberobello’s snow-white trulli, like many other sights of Italy, were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Indeed this is one of the most unusual places not only in Italy but also in the whole world.
Lunch in a restaurant located in trullo.
Spare time.

Day 4:
Breakfast at the hotel.
Excursion to the Castel del Monte castle (third heritage of UNESCO). It is called the “Crown of Puglia” and one of the most famous sights of the region. The castle was built in 13th century by order of the great Frederick II Staufen – the legendary person in all ways. He was not only the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire and leader of the sixth crusade, but also one of the most educated people of his time. The unusual octagonal shape, mysterious purpose (either a fortress, or a hunting residence), a majestic location on a hill – all this makes Castel del Monte one of the most mysterious castles in the world.
Lunch at a local restaurant.
Spare time.

Day 5:
Breakfast at the hotel. Check-Out. Transfer to the airport.
We truly hope that the memories of this hospitable region of Italy will warm your hearts for a long time and you will want to come back here again.