Royal Mansour Marrakech

Royal Mansour - Marrakech, Marocco

Royal Mansour Marrakech is in Central Marrakesh, ancient imperial capital of Morocco!


Note that the prefix "Royal" in the title is not a fad. The hotel belongs to the king of Morocco Mohammed VI. The monarch personally paid attention to all stages of the construction and decoration of the Palace.

Royal Mansour Marrakech was born from the desire to create something unprecedented. A five-star hotel hidden in the heart of the old town, welcomes guests with Maghreb warmth: in this "city within a city" you want to return again and again. Royal Mansour Marrakech – the anthem cultural, architectural and culinary traditions of Morocco, applied and contemporary art of this mysterious country, an integral part of historical heritage.

To get to the territory of Royal Mansour Marrakech, must pass through the majestic arch, created in the image of the great gates of the imperial city. It is especially reminiscent of "Bab El Khemis" in Meknes, one of the four ancient capitals of Morocco. The gates of the Royal Mansour Marrakech promise to bring guests to the happiness, wealth and prosperity, as well as their historical prototype. The hotel consists of 53 Riads – the so-called traditional Moroccan house hidden from the prying eyes of the courtyards. The decoration of each of the Riad and the gates of the hotel were used noble materials: cedar wood and copper plates, minted manually. Some areas are decorated with traditional patterns of air, carved by hand from white alabaster.

Royal Mansour Marrakech is not like it`s colleagues in other parts of the world. Here guests can give to create and live their own history, to create special memories, which pleased to return.

  • Superior 1-bedroom Riad with 140 m ² (Superior One-Bedroom Riad)
  • Riad "Premier" with 1 bedroom 175 m ² (Premier One-Bedroom Riad)
  • Double room "Riad" with 2-bedroom apartment 400 m ² (Privilege Two-Bedroom Riad)

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