Floralia Brussels

Floralia Brussels

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The spring flower exhibition in the park and the greenhouses of the castle of Grand Bigard an unforgettable flower experience.

The park of 14 hectares incorporates nearly all spring bulb varieties. For the new flowering time, the gardeners of the castle have planted by hand more than one million bulbs. Special attention goes to the tulips, with almost 400 varieties, hyacinths and daffodils are also well represented.

  • Carpets of wild flowers under ancient trees
  • A heart of red tulips on the edge of the pond
  • Original flower beds spread in the park
  • A labyrinth of tulips in the colours of a rainbow
  • Indoor show of 1000 m2 in the greenhouse
  • The chapel decorated with orchids
  • Panorama of the park on the roof terrace of the Donjon
  • French gardens where you can relax
  • A beautiful flower peacock behind the castle

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