Shukshin's Stories in Riga

Shukshin's Stories in Riga

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Shukshin's Stories by The Theater of Nation (Moscow) in Dailes Theater, Riga

On December 12, 19.00 - Daile Theater

In a historic building in the center of Moscow, where time ago worked an Art theater, for many years worked faceless theater organization called Theater of Nations. Two years ago, as its Director was appointed Yevgeny Mironov - the actor of MAAT school, who in his 45, what rarely happens in Russia, called the Great Artist. He played Prince Myshkin from "the Idiot", Hlestakhov in the "Inspector" and many other roles in which the public saw Russian character. Becoming the Director of the theater, Mironov invited for a production Alvis Hermanis, the Director of the Riga New theater, the Director, who grew up with Russian literature, not just once speaking to it in his productions, but have never worked with Russian actors. "I understand that I need to choose some very Russian material, which would allow me to learn something new about people. I remembered Shukshins movies that I watched in childhood. I started reading his stories and was amazed at how they are simple and wise." Hermanis has made troupe, in which in addition to Mironov and other actors entered the bright and talented actress of the generation of thirty Chulpan Khamatova. Together they traveled to the Altai, to Shukshin`s home land to get acquainted with the prototypes of the stories. Designer and photographer, partner of Hermanis Monica Pormale made portraits of the inhabitants of the Altai Republic. Now these portraits silently looking around the room from the stage. But the actors do not imitate these people, do not adopt their speech and mannerisms. They play characters in a Russian village, while remaining modern inhabitants of the metropolis. In the performance the two worlds meet each other and without sacrificing their identity, discover between themselves a lot in common.

Artists: Chulpan Khamatova, Yevgeny Mironov, Julia Svezhakova, Julia Peresild, Alexander Grishin, Dmitry Zhuravlev, Pavel Akimkin, Alexander Novin.

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